Digital marketing services

How I can help

  • Are you looking to increase your online presence?
  • Would you like to drive more traffic to your site?
  • Do you want your website to rank higher in search?
  • Do you need to attract new clients?
  • Would you like to increase online engagement with your business or brand?
  • Do you want to increase online sales?
  • Are you hoping to create more relevant online content for your customers?

    These are just some of the things I can help with in a cost effective way.

What I do

For over 20 years my career has focused on business development and marketing and I specialise in digital marketing. I have devised and created digital marketing strategies and campaigns for a wide range of businesses and organisations across most industry sectors and worked on the implementation of the majority.

Alongside developing websites I implement SEO strategies and will ensure your web design and content is fully optimised for mobile, metatags are correct and the site will rank highly in search. I can manage web content for businesses and use Google analytics and Google tag manager to continually measure performance and improve page load speed. I set metrics for measuring the performance of digital marketing including traffic increases and increased conversation rates and revenue generated online.

I devise and carry out digital campaigns to drive brand / product awareness, launch new products, communicate specific messages and generate revenue through online sales, bookings, membership subscriptions, donations etc

I also set up and manage Google AdWords campaigns for business to deliver greater traffic and goal conversions and ensure websites are linked to relevant sites and listed in directories, all increasing search ranking.

I also manage social media plans, including Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter marketing, Facebook catalogue for ecommerce businesses.

I enjoy writing and editing content to improve how something reads and can be understood in order to deliver engagement and action. I am acutely aware of the need for different tones of voice and different language styles depending on the industry, the context and target audience. Alongside writing and editing website copy, I am experienced in producing content for different social platforms, corporate marketing newsletters, writing opinion pieces and specialist blog posts. I focus on producing fully optimised content (SEO) that not only resonates with its target audience but is discoverable in online search and I am passionate about helping businesses that wish to grow and stand-out from the crowd.

My portfolio provides an overview of the digital marketing campaigns and projects I have undertaken including the Putney Clinic and Fiona Worthington.

Years in digital marketing
Years in digital marketing
Years in digital marketing