The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy

The Brief – Web Design & Build

The Putney Clinic wanted to re-fresh its website look, improve SEO and increase online bookings. My remit was first to modernise the design. I set out to make the site clean and fresh looking, choosing a design, colour scheme and image content that stood it apart from other physical therapy clinics in the area which all had a very similar look. At the same time I still ensured the website style and design remained in keeping with the clinic’s services and brand.

I focused on clearly featuring the core services of the clinic, simplifying the online booking system and generally made the whole online user experience much more customer friendly. Ensuring the design and functionality was optimised for mobile use was a key element to this. 

Putney Clinic website

The Brief – Digital Marketing

Once the new website was live, I have continued to work with the Putney Clinic to develop a digital marketing strategy that will deliver increased traffic and bookings both on and offline. Specifically, I am working on improving SEO, and search rankings building unique digital content (video & blog posts) and increasing awareness and web traffic via social media and digital marketing campaigns. I also manage the Google Adwords campaigns, the Google Business listing and continually analyse performance of all aspects of the digital marketing strategy to deliver business growth.