9 cost effective ways to make digital marketing work for you during Covid-19

Some businesses are currently busier than ever. For many others, it’s a time of business uncertainty, change and lack of work. Here are some cost effective ways you can use digital marketing to help you increase your online business profile and customer reach, stay connected with your customers and communities and set your business up for new revenue streams and a return to better days.


1. Conduct a website content audit.

Review your site page by page, refresh the text and images, improve layout and content for Search Engine Optimisation and mobile.

2. Research online profile.

How is your business appearing in searches? Are people finding you online for the products and services you offer?

3. Research your competitors.

Are your competitors appearing higher than you in searches for your key words and core products / services?

4. Review existing blog posts

Look through your existing blog content, edit and repurpose relevant articles for the current climate.

5. Create new blog content

Write blog posts on your specialist area and topics you feel could be useful for your customers, partners and community at this time.

6. Conduct a social media audit

Are you using all social media platforms that could be relevant and used by your customers? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, which platforms are most relevant to your business and are you keeping them up to date?

7. Communicate via social media platforms

Use social media platforms to communicate your newly created or repurposed content and use these channels to tell people how you are adapting your business and how they can interact with you.

8. Create new visual content

Produce new images and videos showcasing what you do, who you are and how you are spending your time now. Update your website with this new content as well as sharing on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

9. Maximise potential of Google My Business

Set up or update a free Google My Business account. Make sure you have completed all sections and encourage customers to leave you reviews. You can add Covid-19 specific opening hours or delivery details. Keeping an up to date listing can be particularly important for businesses that operate locally.

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